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Basketry Due to the abundance of palm leaves on the one hand and the everyday needs for practical objects on the other hand the people of the area have been familiar with wicker-work or basketry from a long time. In recent years the growing tendency towards natural fibers instead of synthetic ones has prompted the local artisans to create new designs. To make products in vivid colors, the palm leaves have to be dyed beforehand. For this purpose woolen threads are twised around palm fibers in the process of interlacing by applying geometrical or floral designs. The items produced include shop
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Braid-sewing Sewing of beautiful designs on cloth with golden ribbon art is named Braid-sewing. This art is as follow which deign is sew on the cloth and put this on a wooden circle which named kam and fasten it tightly and Sozandozi needle-sewing by braid thread. These cloths are considered by women because of beautiful designs and easy using of them.    
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Kilim Kilim as a common ground cloth type has different types with various local names across the country. This field, after carpet, has the second position, in number of population of employment and in annual production after carpet between the Iranian handicrafts. Qeshm kilim production which weaved with a special delicacy by girls and women artists of this land is a women geometric patterns common Iranian carpets and sometimes inspired by the Island and local roles in the context of their woolen fabric used, original work by is using to significant  vertical displacement metal.  
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Carpet weaving
Carpet weaving Carpet weaving is like kilim weaving which is considered by Qeshmy artists specially table’s women and nowadays Qeshmy women begin weaving delicacy carpets by using silk and crack.  
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Handicrafts of Qeshm
Handicrafts of Qeshm Qeshm is beautiful land in history, has been the scene of confronting with problems and a place of creative people who changed it to efforts credibility and rich center for producing and financial activities of this region and hold it as a pearl in the heart of blue Persian Gulf water.Women in Qeshm put handicrafts in daily programs according to having enough leisure time and their propensity to more activities in long years, influential role-playing and creative master craftsmen could put Qeshm in enriched and business land, Inspite of enslavement of art.Fields of conven
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Lute making
Lute making Making musical instruments are parts of handicrafts which create the most elegant and exquisite handmade works. Lute as a musical instrument played with the plectrum which interconnected with poetry and song writer.To build a lute with a pleasant sound, skill building and implementing appropriate project plan is its wooden body.  For this purpose, prepared wooden strips from different walnut wood, maple, olives, etc. arranged and stuck with high precision and elegance together. Lute is an Iranian instrument which has good sound and is currently used in Arabic. Currently, now
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Marine crafts
Marine crafts It is merely a matter of personal preference to deal with a particular a kind od material for the presentation of one’s own artistic talent and abilities or solely for self-expression. Mother-of-pearl, sea-shell and corals are among the materials that due to fragility, their processing requires a great deal of patience and an elaborate craftsmanship. People are motivated by their fervent desire for novelty and creating exotic designs that the nature of sea-shell and corals permit. Among the items produced, various statuette, all-hangings, vases and ash-trays have created m
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Ornamental Ribbons & Embroidery
Ornamental Ribbons & Embroidery The predominance of customs and traditions has inspired the women of Qeshm Island to take advantage of their taste and ability to produce a wide variety of intricate ornamental ribbons and the finest embroideries (Golabatun doozi and khoos doozi) in which mental strands are inter women with silk or rayon threads. These ribbons with the width of 5mm to 50mm are traditionally used as ornaments on women’s dresses combined with colourful spangles on finely embroidered articles. Because of the market, the items produced with the use of fancy ribbons combin
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Pottery Ceramic arts, including the remnants of the Island clay some old cemetery may be seen. A large variety of fresh water to keep it younger and to protect the precious objects as glass mug smaller type , has been used. Also in the village of Dafary and Homeiry clays to 400 to 500 years ago found that some are also glace. This clay as water storage, color or glass, pitcher or small group Kavar pan for making the dough is.  
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Veil sewing
Veil sewing Bargha is a kind of veil which used by Qeshmy’s women and other shore-lands of Iran beach many years ago. Veil indicates personality of women of island and they use their special veils. This veil makes from kind of cloth which named Shileh or Chalvar which has made in Qeshm in the past. The part of veil, which is on the nose, is from palm tree. The main and central place which made veil is Dargahan port (Delbary). And it is also mad in this port now.
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