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Handicrafts of Qeshm

Handicrafts of Qeshm

Qeshm is beautiful land in history, has been the scene of confronting with problems and a place of creative people who changed it to efforts credibility and rich center for producing and financial activities of this region and hold it as a pearl in the heart of blue Persian Gulf water.
Women in Qeshm put handicrafts in daily programs according to having enough leisure time and their propensity to more activities in long years, influential role-playing and creative master craftsmen could put Qeshm in enriched and business land, Inspite of enslavement of art.
Fields of conventional and traditional handicrafts in Qeshm Island, previously limited to decorative falonic tapes clothing-rodozi and needle, making limited as lute of the traditional instruments and netting and Gargorbafy, but these years new fields such as carpet weaving rags, picturing, mat weaving , production of various types of marine debris ornaments crafts. Qeshm also added that mainly women and girls in the Island towns and villages to deal and workshops are also held at home.