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Qeshm international airport
Qeshm  international airport   Dayarestan also known as qeshn international airport is an airport near the village of dayarestan roughly in the center of qeshm island covering an area of 2000 hectares. Qeshm international airport serving domestic flights and international to and from neighboring countries. With a runway length of 4200 meters.   Qeshm Free Area INT'L Airport Public Characteristics Internet Wireless Parking Telephone Center Bank Consignment ATM Emergency Pray Room Coffee shop Free shop Re
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Qeshm Free Zone
Qeshm Free Zone   Qeshm is an island in the strait of Hormoz in the Persian Gulf, 1.071 km southeast of Tehran . Qeshm , 26 km from Bandar Abbas, is located in the province of Hormozgan. In the 1st ten year plan, in note 19, the law provided for the creation of free trade zones and three locations were identified as such in the year 1991. They were Kish Island, Qeshm Island and Chabahar. In the Iranian year 1369, equivalent to 1991 in the Gregorian calendar, the Island was transformed into a "Trade and Industrial Free Area" with the goal of creating the largest Free Area between Europe
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