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Portuguese Castle


  • Portuguese Castle
The Fort of Our Lady of the Conception, also known as the Portuguese Castle( is a red stone fortress on  qeshm Island  ).This castle was built in the year 1030(solar year) AH. To the north east of this island under the decree of the Spanish monarch of the times. The same has two ramparts and towers in the four corners. Within the castle a number of extremely ancient and rusty canons remain to date.  The castle was built by Portuguese commander Alfonso de Albuquerque when his forces seized the island in the early sixteenth century. The fact that such an important place was in foreign hands was so galling to Safavie king Shah Abbas I (1587-1629) that he eventually convinced the British East India Company to allow its ships to cooperate with his land forces and wrested the island from the Portuguese in 1622.The castle built by the Portuguese on Hormoz Island is without doubt the most impressive colonial fortress in Iran. Constructed of reddish stone on a rocky promontory at the far north of the island, the castle was originally cut off from the rest of the island by a moat, traces of which still remain. Although most of the roof caved in long ago, much of the lower part of the very substantial outer walls is intact, with the remains lying on different levels of the site. Over the past few years
These castles are in many places in borders of Persian Gulf. The Portuguese Castle in Qeshm is included weapons inventory, a big water container, barracks, prison, church, headquarters, and halls.