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Emam-Goli khan


  • Emam-Goli khan   

"Emam-Gholi Khan" Square in the Qeshm city. Emam-Gholi Khan Undiladze, who defeated the Portuguese army in the Persian Gulf was a famous Iranian Georgian serving the Safavid empire. He followed his father Allahverdi Khan Undiladze, as the Iranian chancellor and the governor of Fars. It should be mentioned that the Portuguese had captured the island since 1507 AD for more than one century till Emam-Gholi Khan defeated them away in 1622 AD .   Beginning in the winter of 1621/22, however, Emam-qoli Khan of Shiraz for nine months   blockaded the Portuguese garrison (but not their flotilla), under the command of Ruy Freire, in their recently constructed fort on Qeshm. His intention was to cut off water and supplies for Hormuz, the real object of the attack. The timely arrival at Jask of  an English East India Company squadron, due to collect silk for export, provided Emam-qholi Khan with willing partners to assist in the expulsion of the Portuguese, in return for sole English custody over the castle of Hormuz, among other things . On 2 February 1622 five English guns were landed; and after fruitless negotiations between Ruy Freire and Edward Monnox, the English bombarded the fort. The garrison surrendered; Ruy Freire was sent off as prisoner in the Lion to Surat; Emam Gholi khan went back with part of force and some of Persian force was installed on the island.