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Laft town
  • Laft town

Laft is a historical and ancient city which is dated to more than 2000 years ago. The natural view and scene of Laft is covered with green and verdant tropical trees, tall palm gardens, beside attractive and dazzling beauty of the sea and floating Hara forest that draw the newcomer's attention. The architectural style of the houses of Laft are very amazing and attractive. The most obvious architectural features of the houses is their various windbreaks (wind's towers) that are in different size. The people of Laft constructed  (and now are still remaining) them for making the inner space of the building cool in summers. The buildings of Laft are constructing near each other with winding and narrow alleys. These buildings are located at gardens and Palm gardens which are doubled the beauty and magnificence of the coastal complex of Laft                                                                                                       
Beside the admirable nature of the Laft Complex, there are some Historical monuments that are valuable such as Naderi Castle(square shaped castle with four towers), two rounded dome-like reservoirs, burial ground which some of its inscriptions are dated to 1000 years ago, the Shrines of Seyed  Hassan   Mansour, Sheikh Tousi, and Sheikh Andar'ai.                                                                                                                    
 Across from Laft and Khamir harbors, there is a very small Island which is named Sheikh Andar'ai. Some parts of this small Island are covered with water at the high tide time. The distance between Laft harbor and Sheikh Andar'ai Island can be covered with a speedboat in less than 5 minutes. At the north margin of sheikh Andar'ai Island, the surface of the
land is lower than other parts of the Island and there are lots of Hara trees. At the southeast margin of the Island there is a famous dome which is popular as the Shrine of Sheikh Andar'ai or Qadamgah-e Sheikh(footprint of Sheikh). At the low tide, the size of the Island is expanded, and at the high tide, the size of it becomes less than before, because the seawater covers the majority parts of the Island. Nowadays, nobody lives there, and fishermen and sailors are still respecting this Island.
 A wind-tower in Laft
Wind-towers are the main feature of central & southern Iranian architecture used as air ventilators or coolers in the buildings.
 A traditional wooden boat near the L?ft harbor
These kinds of vessels are called "Lanch" in the native language .A Lanch takes about one year to be built. Lanches play a particular role in transporting goods & passengers in the Persian Gulf. In other parts of Iran it is called "Lenj"