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Kharbas caves


  • Kharbas caves

The ancient village of kharbas is on qeshm island and located on the fork road of qeshm –dargahan.this ancient city is related  to the sassandie era,and till the 4th century ah.was a thriving city.the estimated length of this city is 7 km. and sweet-water was utilized here.hestling in the heights of this village are historial  eridences revealing architectural effects in the rocks.some belives this to be the place of worship of the mithraism cult or the anahita temple.there are some caves in the mountains near kharbas village,called kharbas caves.these caves which are both natural and manmade are located 10 km from qeshm city on the slopes of a mountain which faces the sea and miyankaseh plain.There are four caves,which are connected from within.not all these caves are natural,but some of them been carved out by ancient iranians,who have used them as they needed.

Some signs indicate that kharbas caves been have a dwelling for snakes and some even think that they have been a place for worshipping mehr(the goddess of sun or mitra).