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Salt caves
  • Salt caves

Some mountains of Qeshm have turned into salt caves as a result of accumulation of sea water in deep fault and subsequent precipitation of salt. Such caves are not only important as a tourism attraction, but are also significant geological hallmarks. The caves are more than 6 km long.

Namakdan salt dome is among natural attractions of Qeshm island, which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Namakdan salt dome is the only salt dome in Qeshm island which extends from southern promontory of Salakh anticline up to the northwestern promontory of Basaeedou anticline.

Salt caves are located to the south of Namakdan salt dome and are up to 20 m high. This cave is the longest salt cave in the world. It is 6850 meters long. According to recent researches, breathing in the caves may be useful for curing asthma.