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Talla wells
  • Talla wells 

Qeshm island has resorted  to many ways to find the water it needs. One of those ways is to drill wells in the rocks, which  sometimes end in gypsum layers and are capable of holding water healthy and cool for a long time. The mound over looking these wells direct rain water toward the wells and it is for this reason

That they are called talla wells ("tal" means "mound" in  Persian.)

These wells located near laft village which is said it is said that in the past the past the number of these cisterns equaled the number of days in a year (366-equal to leap-year) and every day one of the wells was used for water. rainwater, which is prized like gold, is directed to the wells from the hills around.

Some historians believe that these wells are related to Achaemenian and Sassanian dynasties.